We carry out several courses for agents of volunteering,whether they are volunteers, aspiring volunteers, volunteer managers/coordinators or organisational leaders. Our clients come from all sectors: governmental, social economy and business. This is a paid service.

Volunteer Initiation Course

Specially directed to those who wish to begin a volunteer activity or that have had prior experiences but didn’t had the opportunity for previous training. They will access essential contents for an informed and reflected action.

TARGET GROUP: General population; volunteers and aspiring volunteers, including people enrolled in Volunteer Centers; Staff.


1.Notions and types of volunteering;

2.Legislation and official documents;

3.Reflection for action;

4.On the field (team work, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution).

Volunteer Initiation Course for Trainers

Conceived for whom will provide training to volunteers that will perform functions in non-profit organisations.

TARGET GROUP: Trainers that provide volunteer initiation trainings.


1.Trainer’s role on Volunteer Initiation;

2.The contributes of volunteering for a better world;

3.Historical review of volunteering;

4.Volunteer current panorama in the World;

5.Requirements for the exercise of volunteering;

6.Definitions and types of volunteering;

7.Legislative information and other official international documents;

8.Volunteer ethical code;

9.Reflection for action;

10. On the field.

Volunteer Management Course

It is a technical training. Gives the instruments on the complex task of volunteer management. Because managing paid staff is significantly different from managing volunteers. Besides the acquired knowledge regarding the particularities of volunteers’ coordination, it provides a wide range of tools for the daily volunteer management.

TARGET GROUP:  Volunteer Managers/Coordinators; aspiring Volunteer Managers/Coordinators.


1.Introduction to volunteering;

2.Planning a volunteer program;

3.Organizing a volunteer program;

4.Job development of volunteers;

5.Recruitment of volunteers;

6.Interview and selection of volunteers;

7.Preparation of volunteers;

8.Supervision of volunteers;

9.Evaluation of volunteers;

10. Recognition of volunteers.

International Volunteer Course

It offers a preparation for before the integration in a humanitarian project abroad. It allows the awareness of life’s complexity in this kind of contexts and the need to take the necessary steps for a harmonious experience, even in hard conditions.

TARGET GROUP: General population; volunteers and aspiring volunteers in international volunteer projects.


1.Introductory notions;

2.Cycle in international humanitarian projects;


4.Spheres of Survival;

5.Cultural awareness;

6.Inner journey.

Our trainings are scheduled according to the requests. We are always available to help and support anyone interested in our courses and services. Our Trainings have a fee in the absence of funding. Please send us an email to info@pista-magica.pt to know our training solutions and personalized support.