“This publication is designed especially for those who have a continuous posture of self-improvement and that embrace or wish to embrace the world of cooperation for development.”

Sónia Fernandes in Sobreviver em Missão (Survive in a humanitarian aid project – only available in Portuguese).

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Under the pseudonym Maio Luz, Sónia Fernandes presents her thoughts in a form of Diary from her experiences in humanitarian aid projects. Most of the texts are from the second trip in East Timor.”

In Diário de Maio Luz (Maio Luz Diary – only available in Portuguese).

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The first children’s book about volunteering written in Portuguese, recommended by the Portuguese Reading National Plan. It explains to the youngest what volunteering is and explains the difference between contributing to a better world through daily acts as citizens and being a volunteer.

Everyone has wings but only volunteers know how to fly – only available in Portuguese

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It intends to fill the big need of the organisations of the nonprofit sector in acquiring competencies and tools in volunteer management. It was published within the scope of the project Voahr. It is divided in two parts: on the first there’s an introduction to volunteering, and on the second the technical issues of volunteer management are approached.

Free publication only available in Portuguese. See here

Published on the closing of the project Voahr, with the purpose of presenting the NGOs case studies about their good practices in volunteer management. The contents here shown intend to demonstrate the previous impact of this innovative methodology for the capacitation of NGOs.

Free publication only available in Portuguese

“Aumentador de Asas” (Wings Increaser) is an Education for Volunteering Pedagogical Manual that intends to support parents, educators and teachers on the education of children and young people for volunteering. This handbook is developed from the experience of Pista Mágica with the project Mudar o Mundo (Change the world), where the volunteers tell the story “Everyone has wings but only volunteers know how to fly” and do educational activities for volunteering with children and young people. A handbook full of activities, whether individual or in group, ideal to whom believes that children are the future and that volunteering is ageless. Increase the wings of your little ones!

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Pista Mágica was one of this Guide authors’, that was launched in 2015, when Lisbon was the European Capital of Volunteering.
he objective? To promote the culture of volunteering through the acknowledgement of the good practices of volunteer management! Because a volunteering well managed is a volunteering with a greater impact!

Free publication only available in Portuguese. See here

This Handbook resulted from the European project EVOLVET in which Pista Mágica was one of the seven partners. The purpose of this project was the creation of a Training Handbook to capacitate Volunteer Coordinators in projects of Development Cooperation.

Free publication only available in English. See here.