PAC | Pensar, Atuar, Construir (Think, Act, Build)

Education for Volunteering and Active Citizenship

Its purpose was to offer children and youngsters the tools to, throughout their lifes, transform challenges into knowledge and therefore build change in their lives and in the world. In order for them to become builders of the world, being, in the first place, agents of transformation in their lives.

This project was a result of a partnership between Pista Mágica (coordinating entity), Enteléquia and Actua – Consultoria em Responsabilidade Social das Organizações.

Spheres of activity

The project “Pensar, Atuar, Construir” can still be implemented in any education institution. We have the flexibility to adapt the activities to your needs.

The three areas of knowledge

1. Education for Volunteering

Ages: from 3-years-old till 7th grade

Was given by: Pista Mágica

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2. Philosophy for Children

Ages: from 1st till 6th grade

Was given by: Enteléquia

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3. Entrepreneurship

Ages: from 1st till 12th grade

Was given by: AcTUA

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