MoM | Mudar o Mundo (Change the World)

Education for Volunteering and Active Citizenship

Creation of a generation and culture of volunteering

Learning objectives

To educate for volunteering

To involve, train and capacitate teachers for volunteering

To motivate for active participation as a volunteer witihin the community

Spheres of activity

Kindergardens, schools, libraries, NGOs/IPSSs or other education institutions.

How does it work?

Neste momento, a Pista Mágica dedica-se a capacitar os professores e educadores das instituições de ensino acima mencionadas. Para tal, é feito recurso ao livro “Aumentador de Asas”, de autoria da Pista Mágica, um Manual Pedagógico de Educação para o Voluntariado que pretende apoiar pais, educadores e professores a educar crianças e jovens para o voluntariado. Este manual foi desenvolvido a partir da experiência da Pista Mágica com o Projeto Mudar o Mundo, onde voluntárias contavam a história “Todos temos asas, mas apenas os voluntários sabem voar” e faziam atividades de educação para o voluntariado com crianças e jovens. Pode saber mais sobre as nossas publicações aqui!

The beginning

MoM was started in 2013. In it, the volunteers would carry on with a presentation of approximately 45 minutes, with the support of the children’s book “Todos temos asas mas apenas os voluntários sabem voar” – we all have wings but only the volunteers know how to fly (recommended by the National Reading Plan), written by Sónia Fernandes and illustrated by Pedro Serapicos. The story would be told through a small act during which the children’s participation would be asked. In conclusion, all children were able to participate in an activity with the purpose of doing a recap on the important aspects of the story, being encouraged to ask questions and to talk about volunteering.

Within these spaces, our volunteers would promote the “story time” as dynamic and fun. We aimed to focus essentially on raising awereness and reflexion around the theme of volunteering. 

Ask for your MoM session

Interested entities can contatct Pista Mágica through in order to request a session and manage its details.

We advise you to analyse out terms and conditions before asking for a session.