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Mission, vison and values


“Educating for a volunteering action that effectively solves the problems in the world.”


We aspire to create the bases for volunteering to be the hands of the combat against inequalities in the world. In the battle for a better world it is also necessary to possess skills.

We want to change the expired paradigm of solidarity that sustains its pillars on “goodwill” to a new and emergent paradigm that should be sustained in “doing-well”.


Volunteering. As a personal development and responsible choice, exercised in a professional and committed way. Raising awareness of the importance of the volunteering exercise to rectify inequalities and necessities of the communities. Assuming volunteering as a way of life.

Sharing. We are generous in sharing knowledge. We share all the knowledge we have about volunteering, based on our expertise, field experience and scientific knowledge that we produce.

Flexibility. We meet our clients needs, adapting our services to their needs and specificities.