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Mission, Vision and Values


Strengthen volunteering as a way to transform society and the world.


To move towards a greater culture of volunteering and citizenship in Portugal and the world, we want to take a more active role in defining volunteer strategies and policies and in greater participation in the network.

We believe in the diversification of our services, wanting to reach more volunteer agents, not only training for action with impact but also betting on the ability to operationalise volunteer programmes.


We believe in being part of the solution for a world with more active and attentive people in their communities, as competent and committed citizens and volunteer agents.


INNOVATION. We seek to implement innovative and flexible solutions to tackle the challenges and needs of the communities through the exercise of active citizenship and committed and competent volunteering, fostering a vision beyond the conventional and opening doors and windows to the vast world of innovation.

COLLABORATION. We believe that the path makes more sense in a network and collaboration, sharing learning and knowledge in a common project to increase the exercise of citizenship and the culture of volunteering, in Portugal and the world.

TRANSPARENCY. We value openness and transparency as the foundation of trust and recognition, that we have been co-building with all the people and entities with whom we cross paths.