Perguntas Frequentes

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Q: Are the training courses, at Pista Mágica, certified?

A: Apart from the “How to constitute/organize an association” training service, all the training courses are certified. A certificate of participation shall also be issued, in which the date of completion of the course, the number of hours and the main contents taught are shown.


Q: Why do some Pista Mágica’s services have additional costs?

 A: Our association doesn’t always count on funding or grants, meaning that the services of training, consulting and auditing are paid. This payment covers the administrative costs of planning, organising and subsequent evaluation of the services, and the logistical and organisational structure costs, as well as the trainers’ payment expenses and costs of the free services (we provide). The surpluses that may result from this activity will revert to our volunteering activities and organisational structure costs.


Q: Do you make special prices for groups and/or organizations? What discounts can I get?

 A: Yes. In courses scheduled in our agenda only members can get discounts. 

We also teach courses for organisations on their own premises, with even higher discounts. Contact us so we can send you a budget.


Q: Where do the Pista Mágica’s training courses take place?

 A: Since our headquarters are in the district of Porto, this is where most of our training and volunteering activities take place. However, we also may develop our training activities in other locations, if there are enough enrolments or we may also take them to organisations that want us to go to their facilities.


Q: I want to become a volunteer, which institution should I contact?
 A: If you are interested in being a volunteer, we suggest that you attend an initiation training course for volunteering: there you will have access to content that is essential for an informed and reflected performance. You will have the opportunity to dwell on what the participation in volunteering activities involves.

You shall, afterwards, think about the following question: what kind of volunteering do you intend to do? Try to answer according to the following aspects: will it be short or long-term; will you be working with people, animals, environment, patrimony, human rights protection, etc.; what is your availability/schedule flexibility; what type of organisation will you be working with… After answering the question, you can start looking for volunteering opportunities.

In order to look for volunteering opportunities we suggest you check our website’s USEFUL LINKS.


Q: How can I be a volunteer of Pista Mágica?
A: If you are interested in volunteering with us, send us a proposal describing your special talent and what you can bring to Pista Mágica. We also ask you to send us your Curriculum Vitae mentioning volunteer skills you may offer, so that we can analyse if we have volunteering opportunities that match your profile.

Submit the proposal to – with the subject: “Pista Mágica Volunteering Proposition We will be happy to analyse your application. Later on, you may be called in for an interview.


Q: Which institutions should I search for with the aim of doing international volunteering?

 A: Although our mission is training for volunteering, you can check (in the USEFUL LINKS section) entities responsible for the recruitment and dissemination of volunteering opportunities and international cooperation work.


Q: Does Pista Mágica recruits volunteers for other institutions?

A: No. There are other organizations/initiatives whose purpose is destined to recruit volunteers, such as Bancos de Voluntariado (Volunteering Banks), Bolsa do Voluntariado and others mentioned on our LINKS page. Our activity focuses on building skills for volunteering, resulting in an effective instrument of humanitarian action.


Q: I would like to do an internship at Pista Mágica. How can I do that?

A: Pista Mágica has experience in the integration of curricular or professional interns.

Regarding curricular internships, you can contact us by sending an e-mail with the subject: “Curricular Internship Proposition”, along with your CV and motivation letter.


As for professional internships, we release this type of opportunities in our communication channels, mainly through our website and Facebook.