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The Association

Pista Mágica – School for Volunteering is the materialization of a project that was designed for several years, between 2006 and 2008. It sprung, according to Sónia Fernandes, its founder, from the need to capacitate solidarity agents in Portugal, specifically in the volunteering area. Because goodwill isn’t enough, it is necessary to act with quality and competence.

It is the first School for Volunteering, born in July 2008. This is an innovative project in the social area, being composed by people with high levels of skills and exigency. Its founders and collaborators have experience and qualification in the area, coming from complementary fields, namely in volunteering, international cooperation, health, economy, management, professional training, and art, among others. Knowledge and experiences pile up and consubstantiate in governmental, non-governmental and business sectors.

Nowadays the association is living a phase of significant growth.

You can download our Institutional Dossier HERE.